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X-ray room ceilings and support structures

Cost-Effective Solutions

Harcon Services specialise in the design, Supply and Installation of load bearing Unistrut type x-ray room ceilings.

National Coverage

With a National network of experienced fitters based throughout the country, Harcon Services can offer a full design, supply and installation package tailored to your requirements.

Our Service

Harcon Services will send experts to survey your building to determine room dimensions, access routes, obstructions in the ceiling, and the suitability of the structure. Whenever possible, we will work with the x-ray equipment supplier on the client’s behalf. This will help create a working design for approval, and then we can start the installation process.

In some cases, the lattice trusses require structural beams and columns to be installed, especially where there are non-load bearing walls being used. We will create drawings at the completion of the project showing the building as-is for your files.

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Each of the designs Harcon Services creates offer a workable, cost-effective solution that will provide a load bearing structure. There will also be lateral stability underneath the load. We attempt to use support grids that are suspended through a drop rod assembly from the structural soffit or structural beam. However, if this is not possible, we will design lattice trusses to form the support grid. These lattice trusses are specifically designed for this job. Finally, there will be times that we have to install structural beams and columns to support those lattice trusses, especially when there is a non-load bearing wall. Again, we will create an as-is drawing for the client following the completion of the project.


Harcon Services uses teams of specialists that will each arrive with construction drawings, statements, and the risk assessments. They will show up with all of the tools and products required to complete the project.

We are aware that each installation is different, but they will all use the Unistrut type materials. Regardless, we can finish the installation on one visit to help lower the cost, this includes installing the support grid and finishing the ceiling. However, if clients are waiting on the x-ray equipment installation, our experts can come back at a later date to perform the tile out on the ceiling. We are flexible and offer a variety of installation options to meet every client’s requirements.

Recent Installations

Fitters are pull testing a soffit anchor to ensure it is capable of withstanding the forces created by the moving X-ray equipment.

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