The solution to overcoming obstacles on roofs

Modern roofs contain a host of hazards which can make accessing them safely and efficiently more difficult than it needs to be.

Inadequate planning at the design stage can mean plant and equipment is poorly placed, or create sudden changes in level, introducing obstacles and making safe access harder.

In some cases, this poor planning can not only make simple work unnecessarily difficult, but can also pose a risk to the safety of those carrying it out, putting them at risk of injury.

To remedy this, Harcon supplies a range of step-overs and access platforms for roofs, to make access easy and safe.

Roof obstacles

You will often find obstacles such as cable beds, conduits and pipework on modern, especially industrial, roofs. These pose a trip hazard and injury risk to workers or contractors, as well as generally making movement across your roof harder.

The best way to deal with these obstacles is to avoid them all together, by creating a safe route over them with the use of step-overs. These are steps which allow you cross over the hazard safely.

Roof step-over platform

Though fabricated or welded systems are a common solution, they come with a host of drawbacks, such as being prone to rust and failure, and being difficult to replace or repair when they do fail, making them a poor choice for longer term protection.

Our Step-Overs are modular in nature, built from highly durable Kee Klamp galvanised steel or aluminium tubular fittings. We can supply our Step-Overs in simple kit-form, or as bespoke designs for more complicated access tasks, tailored to meet virtually any configuration, height or width, without sacrificing durability.

All our Step-Overs are designed to comply with current regulations and standards, including the Work at Height Regs and EN 14122 part 3 and 4.

Alternatively, if you do not have a need for a full sized system, we can supply our Mini Step-Overs, for smaller but not negligible obstacles such as cables or pipes.


Changes in Level

Sudden or unexpected changes in level are another issue which can be found on commercial or industrial roofs. A new section of the building may have been added as part of an extension project, or the building may have been designed and built in a period where design regulations were less strict.

The safest and most effective solution to this comes in the form of access platforms, which will allow safe access from one area to another.


Similar to our bespoke Step-Overs, our range of bespoke access platforms is modular, meaning they can be designed to suit almost any scenario, are easy and quick to install, and will remain effective for a long time.

With no drilling or welding required, and suitable for pre-assembled delivery to site, bespoke, modular access platforms are the ideal solution if you want a premium product with minor site disruption.

If you think a Step-Over or access platform could be the solution for you, or if you want to discuss a bespoke solution, call our product experts on 0161 777 4230, or use our contact form.

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