Why Working At Height Is No Laughing Matter


Despite the continuous awareness and warnings, many workers are still experiencing injuries at work when falling from height.

Falling from height is the single biggest cause of serious work-related injuries and deaths each year. There were over 46 deaths and more than 3,350 work-related injuries last year in the UK and the largest single reason was due to accidents at height.

The national office for statistics saw an example of this when a 57 year old man experienced a broken leg and a crushed ankle after falling onto concrete when working at just 8ft above the ground dismantling shelving. Another example saw a 43 year old man fall to his death when some safety guardrail failed whilst he was working on a building. There were serious repercussions on the parties held liable, however these types of accidents could have been completely avoided.

The HSE has launched instructional material to strengthen the safety regulations as well as to lessen the amount accidents.

The fact of the matter is if working at height can be minimised or avoided, it should be. Where it’s not avoidable then the worker should be suitably trained, experienced and have completed and passed a Risk Assessment and Method Statement.