How To Protect Your Business From A Force As Powerful As Lightning

Lightning packs a powerful punch. A single bolt carries up to 100 million volts of electricity and has the power to rip through roofs, explode walls of brick and concrete, wreak havoc with circuitry and ignite deadly fires. It is no wonder experts have dubbed lightning as “the most dangerous and frequently encountered weather hazard experienced by most people each year.”

While lightning poses significant safety and economic concerns, there is good news for design/construction professionals and property owners. A lightning protection system that meets all applicable safety standards from the onset will ensure system reliability for the future.

Lightning systems must include the following elements:

– Strike termination network (i.e. air terminals or lightning rods);
– Down-conductor network;
– Grounding electrode network;
– Equipotential bonding network; and
– Surge protection devices (for all incoming power, data, and communication lines).

Harcon Services provide a complete solution, including a full audit, inspection, and testing service. All of our installations are designed to your specification, yet still able to comply with BSEN 62305 and BS7430. Our experienced technicians can do everything from risk assessment, installation, and commissioning of the grounding and lightning protection.

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