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Protecting your workers from voids

Whenever there is a fall risk present, either from a roof or a raised surface such as a loading bay or mezzanine floor, you are legally required to provide a form of fall protection.

This will usually come in the form of edge protection such as guardrail, either freestanding or fixed, or another barrier system.

However, if access is required to this raised area via a ladder or staircase, such as for maintenance, and you are unable to close it off with a barrier, then you will be left with a void. This void could be considered a risk and might lead to injury or legal trouble should you be subject to a HSE inspection.

So, if you cannot close the area off, but you also cannot leave the access point open, what are your options?

Some might suggest a simple bar which can be drawn from one side of the barrier either side, or perhaps a chain. These are a common solution, but provide little in the way of actual protection. Employees will also often forget to replace bars and chains when they pass through the gap, rendering them pointless.

Perhaps more dangerously, they provide a false sense of security, as someone may lean on it or use it for leverage when climbing up from a ladder, which could cause the bar or chain to snap, leading to a fall.


What is the solution?

At Harcon, we supply a range of Industrial Safety Gates, ideal for protecting voids created by access points.  Each gate is spring loaded to automatically close behind the user, removing the potential for human error that comes with bars and chains.

Our Kee Gate safety gates are available in single, double gate and full size widths, ensuring a solution for any requirement, and the durable, corrosion resistant fittings can also be colour coated to any RAL colour.

Single width self-closing safety gae

Single width self-closing safety gate

The range has been independently tested to ensure the gates comply with international standards such as EN ISO 14122 Part 3, and has also successfully passed a series of performance tests to ensure total reliability of the gates, including:

  • Salt spray testing to ASTM B117-11 Neutral solutions over 200 hours to assess the coating’s corrosion resistance
  • Life cycle testing to BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5 – Opening and closing of Gate through 90 degrees 50,000 cycles
  • Abuse Testing, with nine 25kg weights suspended from the gate itself

Self Closing Safety Gates have been designed for ease of installation and can be retro-fitted to existing structures, or used as part of a larger Kee Guard or Kee Klamp® structure for comprehensive protection.

Our gates offer a quick, cost-effective and easy to install safe access solution that helps eliminate the possibility of human error.

For more information about our gates range, click here, or call us on 0161 777 4230.