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Rack Netting Systems

Rack Netting Anti-Collapse System is an economical and effective way to ensure that pallets and boxes are prevented from being pushed off the back of the rack.

Pallet Rack Netting provides a more economical and flexible solution than the traditional Metal Mesh or Weld Mesh alternative.

Rack Netting Safeguarding Stock

The cost of damaged stock can have a significant impact on the bottom line and on client relationships, the risk of falling or trapped stock in high volume pick and pack operations is well documented. Euronets rack netting systems prevent the product from falling, reducing personal and financial risk, by holding the product without damage until it can be repositioned.

Some insurance companies insist that warehouses fit sprinkler systems between racks, Rack Netting can provide protection to stop dislodged products accidentally setting off the sprinkler system and damaging stock.

Euronets provides a choice of netting systems:

  • Off-Set: Using Euronets long posts, sets the rack netting system off the rack by up to 250mm
  • Premium Flush: Using Euronets short posts, creates close fit system, with nets carried on Euronets framework.
  • Flush Fit: Economy range with close fit, with nets secured directly on racking structure
  • Rack Extensions: Euronets rack netting extensions can be provided to protect goods on top rack. By extending the height of the net.

Harcon Services are able to offer a complete rack net solution as well as bespoke netting services including design, supply and installation. Annual safety testing and a maintenance and repair services are also available.

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