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Conveyor Guard Netting Systems

Products falling from a conveyor system can cause personal injury to workers, and also potentially expensive damage to products and machinery.

The EuroNets Conveyor Guard Netting systems are ideal for use on raised conveyor lines where there is a risk of products falling, and can be used as part of an overall plan to increase safety and decrease damage costs.

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We can supply you with different alternatives for Conveyor Guard Netting.

  • ‘Close Guard’ to keep products on the belt;
  • ‘Safe Catch’ system should items fall clear of the conveyor.

The flexibility of our Conveyor Safety Netting which absorbs the force of impact rather than bending and buckling protects not only the goods but the conveyor structure.

Through the versatility of the range we can design a protection system that follows the line of the conveyor perfectly and, unlike metal mesh, netting is flexible and can cope with straights, curves, junctions and gradients without any breaks or gaps.

Harcon Services are able to offer a complete conveyor guard net solution as well as bespoke netting services including design, supply and installation. Annual safety testing and a maintenance and repair services are also available.

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