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Cargo Nets

Harcon Services can supply the complete EuroNets range of Storage Nets and Load Restraint Nets.

EuroNets offer a range of specialist Cargo Nets for either commercial or industrial use offering an economical and flexible solution for retaining items either overhead or in transit.

Our entire range is available in standard sizes or made to measure.

Storage Nets

Lightweight yet very strong, our Storage Netting Systems offer a complete overhead storage solution or a solution for securing goods in the back of cars, 4X4′s, and vans.

Ideal for stowing or securing most items the EuroNets Cargo and Storage Nets provide excellent security of loads and are ideal for providing extra storage space, where space is a premium.

Available in numerous sizes with various connectors to suit your application.

Skip Nets

Unsecured skips, whether on the truck or on the road in use is an offence.  While driving falling rubbish causes a hazard to traffic, and when the skip is in use any material blowing across public areas is defined as littering.  Our skip nets prevent any loose materials leaving the skip.

Truck Nets

Unsecured loads on a truck bed is an offence, with falling loads or materials causing a hazard for other road users.  A properly secured cover net can prevent loads and other objects from be ejected from the load bed.

Trailer Nets

Whether for commercial or private use loads and materials being transported in a trailer must be secured.  The quickest and easiest way of doing this is through the use of a Trailer Net.

Harcon Services are able to offer a complete cargo net solution as well as bespoke netting services including design, supply and installation. Annual safety testing and a maintenance and repair services are also available.

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