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Barrier Netting

EuroNets Safety Netting Systems include a range of off the shelf products designed for preventing access to aisles and securing open loading bays. These products can also be adapted to close off corridors or walkways.

Aisle Barrier Nets

Our Aisle Barriers have been developed to allow our clients to quickly and effectively close of an aisle or corridor to prevent unauthorised access, increasing safety for members of the public and employees alike.

The Aisle Barrier is simple to use, quickly installed and removed, and comes in sizes to span 8mtr to 14mtr. The systemincreases the safety of the area over the use of safety cones or safety tape as the barrier runs full width and height.

As with the alternatives the nets are manufactured in bright colours to provide a warning of safety risks and can be provided and optional warning sign.

Loading Bay Barrier Nets

Loading Bays need to comply with The Work at Height Regulations 2005 which state that an assessment needs to be made into the risk of falling from a raised working platform. Loading Bay are classed as raised working platforms when the vehicle to be loaded is below the warehouse floor allowing access directly to the vehicle back.

Our Loading Bay Barriers provide effective, quick installation and removal, with a flexible barrier that has high visibility colours and full width and height protection. By installing a Loading Bay Barrier the fall risks are greatly reduced.

Inspection Pit Nets

Workshop inspection pits are widely use in the automotive, rail and commercial transport sectors. These pits are often vacant leaving an open fall risk for all personnel. To combat this risk we have developed a self-fitting quick release netting system that will ensure that the pit is safe when not in use.

By covering the length of the pit with the Pit Netting System the risk of someone getting injured by falling into the pit is greatly reduced. The net can also be left in place during inspection only work, providing protection for those working in the pit from falling objects from above.

The Pit Netting System comes in varying lengths and can be ordered to suit each application.

The Benefits of using Netting Barriers

  • Economical
  • Flexible&Extremely Strong
  • Fire Retardant
  • Light Weight
  • Quick & Easy To Install

Harcon Services are able to offer a complete barrier net solution as well as bespoke netting services including design, supply and installation. Annual safety testing and a maintenance and repair services are also available.

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