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Safety Gates

A fully adjustable range of self-closing safety gates for use in rooftop or industrial environments. Safety gates are ideal for protecting any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches, walkways, access to industrial machinery and other restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required. Our gates are spring loaded so will automatically close behind the user.

Self Closing Gates (Single Width)

The single self closing safety gate is supplied 1 metre wide and is fully adjustable; height and width can be cut to size on-site. Connecting the gate to the supporting structure is simple – two U-Bolts are used to attach the gate to a variety of uprights or flat surfaces from 33.7 to 48.3mm diameter.

Self Closing Gates (Double Width)

Double self closing safety gates are supplied for larger openings greater than 1m wide. The maximum width for double gates is 1.8m. The double gate is compliant to EN 14122 requirements and does not require any locking mechanism to be used by the operator.

Double safety gates are both self-closing and will form a complaint barrier when a person has passed through the gate. This is achieved by strengthening the attachment and increasing the number of fixings when compare to the single gate option.

The double self-closing safety gate has undergone the same testing regime as the single gate and is available in both galvanised and powder coated options.

Self Closing Gates (Full Height)

Full height ladder gate

Full height gates offer permanent protection for voids, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches and restricted areas, where access is required for regular maintenance and inspection.

Featuring the same design and build quality as the rest of our Kee Gate range, as well as the same innovative self-closing mechanism, our full height gate range provide the same level of protection whilst complying with BS 4211: Specification for Permanently Fixed Ladders, making it the ideal system to provide safe rooftop access from ladders.

Pallet Gate (Standard Model)

Moving goods around a busy warehouse can present many risks, the moving of Pallets from one floor to another has a host of problems associated with it for both the handler of the goods and the transporter themselves.

Our Pallet gate limits the dangers involved in moving pallets around your factory or mezzanine, ensuring a barrier always exists between the user and any potential fall hazard.

As the gate is made from tube and fittings, in the event that an element of the gate is damaged, it is easily replaced without having to replace the whole unit and no specialist tools are required.

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