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Harcon Step Overs and Access Platforms

Access Platforms and Step-Overs

Many roofs today contain a mix of obstacles such as pipework, plant and machinery and changes in level, making it difficult and often hazardous for those working on roofs to move safely around the roof.
Harcon Services can design, supply and install bespoke access platforms and step-overs to accommodate specific site requirements and roof configurations, or provide a standard off the shelf step-over platform to provide safe access to areas where normal access can be obstructed.
Our platforms and step-overs are constructed from fittings and tube which enable us to design bespoke solutions for use on a variety of roof types including membrane, asphalt, concrete, PVC or metal.

Bespoke Access Platforms

Our Bespoke Access Platforms are constructed from fittings to provide a secure, robust, corrosion resistant access platform. Using off the shelf fittings also allows the platforms to be delivered and constructed quickly and easily to meet individual site requirements, with minimal disruption on-site.

Each platform is designed to suit specific site requirements so is designed to meet relevant standards including EN 1004:2004 or PAS 250.

Bespoke Step-Overs

Harcon Step-Over

Our Bespoke Step-Over solutions allow safe access over changes in level or obstacles such as pipework or conduits. Each step-over can be tailored to meet specific requirements and is designed to comply with current safety standards and regulations including the Work at Height Regulations and EN 14122.

Step-Overs are modular in design and constructed from either galvanised or aluminium fittings to provide a safe and robust means of access. As no welding or drilling is required, the step-overs can be assembled quickly and easily on site.

Standard Step-Over Kits

Harcon Step Over kit

When access is required over standard obstacles, we have a range of Step-Over Kits designed to accommodate obstructions ranging from 600mm to 1400mm in height.

Each kit includes a double handrail and toe-boards, nylon treads to provide an anti-slip surface and base feet options to suit different roof types.

Our Standard Step-Over Kits are designed to the requirements of EN 14122-3 and are delivered partially assembled for speed and ease of installation.

Mini Step-Over


Modern roofs are littered with trip hazards in the form of cables, low-level pipework and other obstacles, which can impede maintenance work and safe access.

Mini Step-Overs can eliminate the risk posed by these obstacles without the need for a larger platform solution.

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