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Industrial Roof Safety

We offer a range of roof access systems designed to ensure the safety of anyone working on fragile or industrial roofs.

Our range of industrial roof access systems include temporary walkway systems and rolling roof platforms which require no penetration into the roof surface, making them perfect for fragile or older roofs.

If our range of permanent safe access systems such as Kee Cover or Kee Walk are not suitable, then our temporary safe access products will be ideal.


Board walk temporary roof walkway

The Board-Walk system is a lightweight aluminium walkway designed to overcome the most common challenges encountered when working on fragile roofs.

Board-Walk walkway allows access from eaves to ridge whilst spreading the load on support battens, providing the user with a safe working position for skin maintenance, inspection, cleaning or re-sealing work.


Valley Walk mobile roof cage

A mobile walking frame for up to two users, Valley-Walk is designed to aid access along valley gutters whilst providing mobile roof cover.

The system is simple to assemble and offers complete safety when working in a valley.


roof walk rolling roof platform

The Roof-Walk rolling platform system is designed to overcome the risks and challenges of working on fragile roofs, providing the user with a safer working position for tasks such as skin maintenance, inspection, cleaning or re-sealing work.

Roof-Walk runs up and down twin modular 4m linking track sections that are fitted with safety mesh and support battens which rest on the roof requiring no penetration, making it ideal for fragile roofs.

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