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Aluminium Walkways

Our aluminium walkway is manufactured with an anti-slip surface. Aesthetic and lightweight the system can also be constructed with a hand rail to provide fall protection. The walkway has been ultimately designed to protect the roof from wear and tear from maintenance traffic and offers a demarcation route from any hazardous risk on the roof.

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Product Features

  • Provides safe, non-slip, non-trip access to roof-top plant and equipment.
  • Lightweight, strong and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Rust-free, eliminating damage to metal roofs.
  • Handrail system can be easily fitted to one or both sides of the walkway.
  • Compatible with all metal deck profiles. Fibre cement sheet and tile roof option available.
  • Suits almost all kinds of roof designs.
  • Non-penetrative eliminating leakage points.
  • Environmentally Friendly 100% recyclable with no downgrading of its properties, and very little energy required for e-melting
  • Maintenance Free Saves on cost and manpower
  • Non Combustible Aluminium does not burn or aid combustion

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Product Details

It is designed to look aesthetically pleasing while providing a non-corroding, safe means of access across your roofing area. Manufactured with aluminium structures and grating our aluminium system has a long lifespan against corrosion.

Our aluminium walkway is also available in a stepped format to allow access to inclined roofing areas, and also as a step over to traverse obstacles. Traversing a pitched roof is also covered with the inclusion of a leveling system, providing a level and safe access route in any area.

Used in conjunction with a horizontal lifeline or separate barrier system provides a 100% safe means of roof access.

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