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The system offers a level of versatility and safety that is unmatched by any other temporary fall protection system.  With low fall arrest distances and long spans, coupled with the ability to bypass obstacles without the need to disconnect, the T-Line is the ultimate in safety systems.

The T-Line Safety System is a device that facilitates both horizontal and vertical movement offering unprecedented levels of freedom for the user. Just as suited to situations that require only horizontal or vertical movement, the T-Line Safety System is perfect for users with varied and often changing fall protection needs.

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Protection During Access And Egress

Statistics show that the transfer between the ladder and the platform or walkway (access and egress) is particularly hazardous for those working at height.

The TRAM arm raises and lowers with the assistance of a gas piston. This aids the user in platform access and egress, as well as when changing between standing and squatting positions while working.

Stability, Mobility, Safety

The arm acts as a moving handhold, providing stability for the user on the platform. While properly connected to the TRAM, the user can conduct their work efficiently, safe in the knowledge that they cannot fall.

TRAM Applications

The TRAM system can be used in a myriad of applications, from ISO Tanks to Wind Turbine Nacelles. In addition to those shown below we can develop special project TRAM installations to suit a variety of needs, just get in touch and tell us your requirements.

Mobile Cranes

Working on cranes, whether they are mobile cranes or site installed is inherently dangerous. With fall risks on all sides, machinery and traffic as additional hazards the TRAM system offers 100% protection.

Wind Energy

Access to the Nacelle top of Wind Turbines is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world.Installation of the TRAM system not only provides a safe means of anchorage using restraint, but also provides access assistance to the nacelle top, and a mobile structure to give the worker stability.

ISO Tanks

ISO Tanks are similar to Road Tankers in their working at height risks in that the access requirements can be anywhere at any time.The ISO TRAM solution provides site wide safety for the access and maintenance of ISO Tanks, using the same restraint principles as the individual installations.

Mobile Tanker

Road Tankers offer dangers different to most work areas. The access platforms and ladders are subject to whatever weather is prevalent at the time, giving rise to increased risks of slips and falls.Installation of a Mobile TRAM or a Fixed TRAM can ensure safety for access.

Mining & Machinery

The Quarry & Mining Industry, whether Open Cast or Shaft method has many areas of height safety that are specific to this industry, while not being able to be protected by traditional means.From the large vehicles used in large quarries and open cast mining, TRAM offers 100% protection.

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