Kee Dome Mini

The Kee Dome Mini is the latest design in our range of skylight fall protection products. Made from size 6 fittings and tube and uncorporating new smaller recycled PVC bases, the product has been developed to maximize safety without being obtrusive when a building rooftop is visible.

By keeping the Kee Dome Mini close to the height of the skylight; the product will often not be visible above a building roofline and yet the skylight is securely covered.

The top cover of the Kee Dome is very easy to assemble and secure in place, making this a quick and effective collective protection solution.

When purchasing Kee Dome Mini, you can be assured of unrivalled technical support. Our technical team can offer practical assistance on any aspect of the product. If you have a major project requirement we can offer a full design and installation service, assuring you of a safe installation fully compliant with all major standards and statutory requirements.

Features of the Kee Dome Mini system

• Modular system
• Complies with EN14122 pt3
• Suitable for use on all roof surfaces with a maximum pitch of 3 degrees
• Designed using size 6 tube and fitting, galvanised to BS EN 1461
• Recycled PVC bases
• Designed for 1.2m x 1.2m skylights.

Benefits of the Kee Dome Mini system

• Cover top minimises the risk of anyone falling through the skylight
• Unobtrusive solution on visible roof tops
• Rapid assembly
• Designed as a permanent solution, but can be dismantled, moved and re-erected elsewhere.

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