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Access Ladders and Steps

Harcon Services specialise in the complete design, supply and installation of various forms of Access Ladders. Our Access Ladders can be designed to suit a variety of applications with careful consideration given to fixing methods.

Your requirements for access, aesthetics and safety are all taken into account when designing the system, with material options in Aluminium and Galvanised Steel, and safety options including traditional hoops, vertical cable system and vertical track systems.

Where your requirements are more specific we can also supply specialist types of access ladders that not only are less obvious to the eye to enhance the localised appearance but also incorporate a vertical fall device in the centre of the ladder (spine).

All our ladder systems can be integrated into safety barrier systems and gates to ensure 100% safety for your workers. Our in-house technical support team can provide a full site survey and design service to meet your specific requirements.

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Aluminium Ladders

Where your environment requires your system to be visible and not detract from the appearance of your building our aluminium ladder range is the ideal solution. Manufactured from high grade materials our aluminium range is aesthetic and maintenance free.

The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminium is the result of its special ‘skin’  a protective film of inert aluminium oxide which thickens on exposure to air and contact with aqueous solutions. The adherent film reforms as soon as the surface is cut or scratched, and even more rapidly in high temperatures. The build-up of this particular barrier makes aluminium a good choice in corrosive environments. Anodised ladders are available at extra cost for enhanced corrosion protection in extreme applications.

Galvanised Ladders

For more industrial applications Harcon Services offer a range of Galvanised Steel Ladders. Designed specifically to suit your site requirements for access and safety, and manufactured from mild steel with a hot dip galvanised finish our steel range is robust and maintenance free.

A galvanised coating has a unique metallurgical structure which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, erection and service. Galvanised coatings corrode preferentially to steel, providing cathodic or sacrificial protection to small areas of steel exposed through damage. Unlike organic coatings such as paint or powder coating with a galvanised system small damaged areas need no touch up.

Removable Ladders

Where access onto a roof is required from an internal public area we can provide suitable anchorages and a removable ladder to provide access without a permanent installation, preventing unauthorised access.

A removable ladder provides safe access without creating a permanent install in an area where it would either create an access issue, be considered unsightly or provide an unauthorised access issue.

Ladder Ties

When using a mobile ladder to access either windows or an upper level it is a legal requirement to secure the ladder to prevent falls and ladder collapse.  Ladder ties fixed to the building structure in the required positions provide a simple and effective method of securing your ladder.

Hoop Systems

Where a fixed ladder is over 2m in height fall protection must be provided. A hoop system is the entry level of safety on ladders, offering conformity to legislation and a basic level of protection.

We can fabricate the hoop system in either galvanised steel or aluminium depending on the ladder requirements, and can incorporate a safe means of egress through a platform and barrier systems at the top.

Ship Style Ladders

Wherever possible it is desirable to install sloped ladders rather than vertical, Harcon Services offers a ships ladder used for access requiring a slope of at least 65º up to 75º. This incline removes the fall risk from a standard ladder, reducing the amount of training required by the user and allowing easier and more ready access.

Step Over Platforms

Access to different areas of a roof can require traversing obstacles, with access being in an unsafe area or covering uneven or open areas with high risks.

Harcon Services have developed a range of products that can help you provide a complete access solution to all areas of your roof.

Docking Platforms

Where safe access to the roofing area is via a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) then for a 100% safe means a special Docking Platform is required.  Our Docking Platform is set away from any fall risks, and can be built incorporating fall arrest anchorages, safety barriers and slip resistant surfaces.

Positioning is decided based upon the placement of any fall hazards, fragile panels and safety systems, providing a 100% safe and secure means of access to the roof.

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