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Height Safety

With over 50 years of experience working with high places, Harcon Services leads in design, supply, installation, and contracting of safety anchors and access systems. With our experience, you can rest easy knowing that we will be nothing short of 100-percent in accuracy, safety, and adapting designs.

Our in-house design services and technical support team will offer solutions that meet your height safety and access needs. We specifically design each system to meet your site requirements. We have a solution for every client that will create a safe environment to work from height. We have safety engineers who are fully certified to come to your site to perform necessary surveying. They will also work directly with the architect to create a blueprint that is specific to your site.

In addition to the safety engineers, we have in-house CAD technicians that will provide you with working blueprints that can be incorporated into your project, lessening the need for work to be done at each stage. All of our installers are approved for fall protection with Kingspan, AKM, and Kee Safety.

Harcon Services offers the most, and best, solutions in the industry.

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Horizontal Lifelines

Harcon Services offers a horizontal lifeline system that is specifically designed to your site. We are a leading UK specialist in the design, supply, installing, and adapting horizontal lifeline systems. Our in-house design service and technical support team will offer solutions based on your access requirements and height safety needs.

Vertical Lifelines

We at Harcon Services know that ladder safety cannot only be left to the simple installation of cages or hoops. Hoop systems will provide you with the very basic level of safety, our vertical lifelines offer you 100-percent safety and comfort. We are the leading specialists in design, supply, installing, and adapting of vertical lifeline support systems.

Our vertical lifeline systems will be fixed to the structure or an existing ladder. They are designed to be adapted easily to all needs, encouraging all workers to adopt the concept of staying safe. All of the lifeline systems are created from high-quality materials that are suitable for all sites, but we will make sure the correct system is selected for your needs. This will aid in the longevity of the installation.

Height Safety Barriers

The height safety barriers at Harcon Services will provide either a permanent or temporary solution to fall risks. They are considered as a collective safety because they protect every labourer who is currently working within the system. Each worker will only require a minimal amount of training. We have a support team that can design and offer technical support to create a solution to your height safety and access requirements.

Demarcation Barrier System

To avoid falling on roofing, Harcon Services can install a demarcation barrier system. These systems guide the worker across the roof and are installed within a minimum of two meters from a fall hazard. It is not designed to prevent a fall, but guide the worker away from the possible fall hazard.

Our designers are tasked with creating a safe route to and from wherever the roof access is necessary. We follow a hierarchy of safety collective protection measures. We always make sure we consider the individuals safety, but we are looking to keep people from the fall hazards rather than protecting from a fall.

Access Ladders and Steps

We at Harcon Services specialize in the complete design and installation of access ladders. We will supply the ladders you require, as we have ladders that can be designed to suit a variety of uses. We make sure to carefully assess how the ladder will be affixed to determine which system is best.

We take our client’s requirements for safety, access, and aesthetics into consideration when we design the system. We use products that are constructed from aluminium and galvanized steel, while offering safety techniques of traditional hoops, vertical track systems, and vertical cable systems.

Walkway Systems

Harcon Services has the ability to design and install a complete range of walkway systems constructed of galvanized steel, aluminium, nylon, or PVC. They can be used on all different types of roofing and are ideal when you desire to create a safe pathway. Walkway systems provide workers with a secure route to service and maintenance. However, they also offer an excellent way to manage the flow of your personnel.

Safety Eyebolts

There are times when only a minimal amount of anchorage is needed, such as window cleaning or transition points. If you want a location for single unit maintenance to be performed, rely on Harcon Services to find the proper safety eyebolt to use.

We will make sure they are positioned accurately and follow the BS 7883:1997 clause 8 recommendations. We are fully competent in installing safety eyebolts and make sure anchors are positioned and installed perfectly. This will give you 100-percent safety and minimized fall risk, while preventing the anchor from being a hindrance.

Abseil Systems

Harcon Services will also install a professional rope system for fade cleaning, cladding maintenance, and window cleaning. Scaffolding and platforms occasionally cannot reach the areas that need to be cleaneddue to height, instability, or high traffic. Our abseil systems provide a suspension that is anchored to suitable anchors on the top of your building.

Cradle Systems

A cradle platform system offers our clients a cost effective method to accessing any structure that is at a great height. They can be used for painting, cleaning, inspections, surveys, cladding, and any other general building work.

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