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Steel Railing Systems With Cast Iron Fittings

When looking for a good structural component, steel tubing is an efficient choice. It is easy to acquire, presents extra safety benefits from using more dangerous sharper materials and forms a solid structure. The issue of using steel tubing is creating joins. There are set lengths to threaded tubing. This reduces the flexibility when installing and means a skilled and expensive workforce is needed for welding purposes.

The solution is KEE KLAMP. This is a versatile fitting that slips on to tubular structures to create a join:

We can provide a complete solution including all parts and fittings as well as installation.

We can also supply the parts direct so that you can install. If this is the case, you may wish to speak to us about our tubing kits here.

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More about KEE KLAMP and it’s benefits

Fast installation
Low cost compared to other methods
Cost effective to install as it is quick to install and only low skilled workforce is required
Corrosion resistant to a high level
Created from galvanised cast iron to BS EN ISO 1461
No special tools are required
Does not require welding – so special work permits are not required for hot work
A versatile solution that can accommodate your needs
TUV certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency

The KEE KLAMP Fitting

The fittings that are KEE KLAMP are made from galvanised cast iron to BS EN 1562 & 1563. This versatile engineering principle lends itself to a variety of uses and applications that can accommodate every need.

The range of KEE KLAMP fittings have been designed to fit different tube sizes. These vary from 17.5mm to 60.3mm. The tubes are locked into place using Hexagon socket set screws removing the need for specialist equipment. There are 2 options for the screws, either stainless steel or dip coated screws to protect against corrosion.

When tightened to 39 Nm, the fittings are able to support a load of 900 kg.

We can also accommodate slopes

Extended range now available for steeper gradients and the fittings tolerance allows for on site angle variations.

It also has a quick and easy installation and enhanced aesthetics available to finish.


Save time and money with KEE KLAMP fittings.

Contact us to discuss your project and you’ll be amazed at the savings you could make.

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