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Lightning strikes to buildings and structures present a credible risk to any modern organisation.

There are around 300,000 strikes to ground in the UK every year, with the level of extreme weather incidents becoming more frequent due to climate change.

Direct strikes from lightning cause severe damage to buildings and can create fires. The secondary effects of a lightning strike can be just as damaging causing a surge of power that can damage internal computers networks and damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Our lightning installation service includes:

• Site survey and risk assessment
• Design to the latest British Standards BS EN 62305:2012 protection against lightning
• Surge protection
• Supply of materials
• Civil engineering and lightning protection masts
• Test and certification of the lightning protection system (LPS)

3D Concept Planning

We can offer 3D planning of a lightning protection system to demonstrate how the lightning protection system will guard your building or structure from a lightning strike.

It has never been more important to ensure that all types of lightning protection systems are fully compliant and fit for purpose.

Working At Height

Lightning engineer installing down-conductors to safely protect the structure in the event of a lightning strike

At Harcon Services, we are very proactive in ensuring all our designers and engineers are up to date with the latest British Standards. Our engineers are highly trained and vastly experienced in working at height. This means that only expert personnel will attend site giving you peace of mind.

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Case Studies

Crawley, West Sussex

Based in West Sussex, [name withheld] are an innovative specialist device manufacturer. We were contacted by [name withheld] to install and test a lightning protection system at their Crawley office in South England.


Based in Nottingham and nationwide, [name withheld] is a leading contract logistics provider.

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