Do you really need a gate on your roof?

It might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about safety gates, but your roof could be one of the main areas to benefit from a gate solution.

Safety gates provide a level of security and safety that other void and gap protection solutions, such as bars and chains, do not.

The Kee Gate solution

The Kee Gate self closing safety gate features a mechanism which ensures open gaps, such as those left by access points from stairs and ladders, are always automatically sealed once the user has passed through.

This minimises the risks posed by human error, as users will often forget to replace or close less secure methods like sliding bars behind them.

People do not often imagine there is much point in having a gate on your roof, surely there are more effective systems such as guardrails or barriers?

While it is true these systems are just as important, there are some areas where they will not be suitable.

Gates on roofs

For example, guardrail or barriers cannot be used on access points from ladders or stairs, as you will need to leave a gap for the person to move onto the roof.

Whilst near this void, the person can be at risk of a fall.

Similarly, it can be difficult to protect workers from skylights and roof hatches, or risky areas, whilst still allowing safe access for maintenance, repair or access and egress.

Safety gates like Kee Gate solve this issue by ensuring that access points can be utilised, whilst remaining protected.

Workers can safely access the roof via access points and rely on the gate to shut automatically behind them, making work safer and more efficient.

Kee Gate can be installed on ladder access points onto the roof as part of our full height gate ladder access range, or around roof hatches or skylights as part of the Kee Dome system.

Kee Gate can also be easily installed as part of a larger KeeGuard system which can be erected to prevent people from accessing unsafe areas of the roof.

If you have a pre-existing guardrail or barrier system on your roof, you can simply retro-fit Kee Gate to that existing system for further protection.

Gates are a fantastic safety solution not just on the ground but at height as well, and this is often an area neglected by those with a health and safety responsibility.

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