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How to Protect Your Business Structure from Lightning

If you live or work in an area where a lot of storms happen, enough so that lightning strikes are something to worry about, you may want to look into a few different ways to protect your business structure or your house from a lightning strike. The problem with lightning is that it can come […]

How Does a Lightning Protection System Work?

There is an old axiom, which states that ‘lightning never strikes the same place twice’. Where this expression comes from is hard to determine, although it is quite safe to state that it is wrong. Why is it wrong? Ask the Blackpool Tower. Home of the iconic Tower Ballroom this 19th century structure has been […]

Addressing The Equality Act With DDA Handrails

National statistics show that there are over 11 million adults with a long-term illness. They form a significant percentage of UK consumers so making retail premises and public buildings accessible is critical for business as well as a legal requirement. Reading the Equality Act 2010 (DDA) shows that businesses and public services must take reasonable […]