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For the past 12 years, Harcon Testing Division has been conducting inspections, audits and comprehensive tests to ensure our clients’ premises are safe for staff and employees. As part of our inspections we issue certification, recommendations and reports to suit our clients’ needs.

Due to the demand of our clients we have launched a separate division – our Lightning Protection Division, created to ensure your property is protected against lightning strikes. Our inspections are fully accredited and are capable of providing a complete solution including design, audit, installation and inspection.

Why Use Harcon Lightning Protection Services

By encompassing the inspection and testing under the same umbrella, our Testing Division is able to conduct tests for both Lightning Protection Systems and Height Safety Equipment on the same visit which means lower costs to our clients and reduced risks for employees and contractors who are working at height.

Lightning Protection Systems (LPS)

It’s not the first thing you think of but ongoing changes to the climate are resulting in more frequent lightning strikes. An LPS is a system that has been designed to protect your infrastructure and inhabitants from being either directly or indirectly affected by a lightning strike.

Not only does a lightning strike affect a building structurally but it can also interfere with operational aspects of a business such as telecoms and computers. These are susceptible to the power surges created by a lightning strike and can be disastrous for a business.

To protect against lightning strikes, the method of safely routing a surge of current to the earth is by installation of a lightning protection system.

Additional measures can be used to protect critical equipment and systems from surges thus preventing damage or destruction but these measures need to be checked and inspected on a regular basis.

Lightning Protection Services

Test & Inspection: it is an essential part of the ‘Electricity at work act’ that all lightning protection system be tested, inspected and maintained annually in line with the relevant British standard. Harcon lightning protection services offer a range of services over 1, 3 and 5 years, with automatic service reminders, digital photographic reports and full certification

Remedial Repairs: all lightning protection systems must be maintained and ‘fit for purpose’. Harcon Lightning Protection Services will carry out minor repairs on site at the time of testing to fixed, pre-agreed rates to remove pointless and expensive return visits. All remedial repairs are carried out by expert engineers in line with British standards and current market ‘best practice’

Surge Protection: The secondary effects of a lightning strike, power surge or transient voltage can be devastating. Expensive, delicate electronic equipment, computers servers, telephones and building management systems can be badly damaged. Harcon Lightning Protection Services can supply and install a range of devices specifically to protect against such events and reduce the risk of lost data, damaged equipment and long periods of ‘down time’. All installations comply with BSEN 62305, BS7430 and BS7671

Design & Installation: Harcon Lightning Protection Services are able to offer a full service from initial risk assessment, design, specification, installation and commissioning for any lighting protection or earthing application. Our experienced design team are fully accredited and capable of designing to BSEN62305 and BS7430

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Case Studies

Crawley, West Sussex

Based in West Sussex, [name withheld] are an innovative specialist device manufacturer. We were contacted by [name withheld] to install and test a lightning protection system at their Crawley office in South England.


Based in Nottingham and nationwide, [name withheld] is a leading contract logistics provider.

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